We have over 5 years of consultancy experience in this area of business and we strive to achieve the following:
develop, empower, enable and maintain professional services.

We are a private holdings company registered in South Africa since the 22nd of August 2017. We operate in Gauteng and around few major cities in South Africa.

Seng Khona holdings (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black entity that is youth owned. The Director is Alex Tshidiso Mngoma who has more than 10 years experience in the business industry.

Our head office is located in Florida Park next to a heavily used Ontdekkers Road.

For almost 5 years, Seng Khona Holdings has evolved as risk has evolved by providing security solutions that not only help protect against threats, but identify and mitigate issues before they become a threat.


Seng Khona Holdings (Pty) Ltd (SGK), is a full-service protective, investigative and intelligence entity to a network of clients. Seng Khona Holding's mission is focused on leveraging manpower, data and technology to deploy smarter security for our customers.

CIPC Registration: 2017/375884/07
Income Tax Registration: 964 425 5177
VAT Registration: 488 028 6176
PAYE Registration: 790 080 5542
UIF Registration: 252 820 8/5
CSD Registration: MAAA0504283
PSIRA Registration: 290 938 9
PSSPF Registration: 805 475
COIDA Registration: 990 001 183 791
FAR Registration: 220 28
CIDB Registration: 101 853 56
B-BBEE Level: 1
ICASA Registration: 558 509 6


We believe in management! If the world’s organizations and institutions were run more effectively, if our leaders made better decisions, if people worked more productively, we believe that all of us would be better off.

Our Clients: Angor Property Agency, Pronto Properties, Umakho Construction, AAA Security Solutions, Pit Dog / Moreki JV